Cheapest Gas Prices Along I-95 Listed by States and Exit numbers

This web site is dedicated to helping individuals find the cheapest gas while traveling along I-95. We assume the driver wants to stay within a mile of I-95.

In trying to find this information myself, I was AMAZED on how many websites I found that CLAIMED they had this information, but then just referred you to another site that required zip codes for your search.

This site is not trying to give you the latest price, but to give you the exit numbers in each state that have the lowest prices consistently. NOTE: Even in the cheap states, most exits have high gas prices for the state and only a few exits with the super cheap gas. I will put more detail in as I get it.

LAST UPDATE: 5/30/08.

NY: No data yet. But try to avoid getting gas in that state.
NJ: No data yet. But get gas before you get into NY.
MD: No data yet. But try to avoid getting gas in that state.

VA: The BEST I-95 exits to get gas is exit 104 (usually cheapest in the state) & exit 130 (a few stations) & exit 17 (not verified)

NC: Not a good state to get gas but if you really need it, try exit 77 and 71

SC: The BEST I-95 exit to get gas is exit 119. Second best is exit 164 and exit 170. Exit 181A is OK too.

GA: The BEST I-95 exit to get gas is exit 29. Exit 87 is also good. (If you can not hit those, you can use exit 4 but gas prices there are not the cheapest anymore).

FL: The single gas staion that is located in downtown Disney is the cheapest in the state (who would have guessed). Other stuff from memory: North Jacksonville & Crossroads areas.

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Thanks to all who are helping the cause!

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